Welcome to LWJGL 3

It's finally here! LWJGL 3 has a new, modern home, an updated forum, nightly build infrastructure and... a blog! This will be a fun new way to stay up-to-date with LWJGL and the latest developments in the world of Java gaming and computing. Don't forget to subscribe to the RSS feed!

It's been a long time since the decision was made to completely rewrite LWJGL, something that very often results in doomed projects. But we're still here and now getting close to the very first official release! This release will have alpha status, but the most important functionality is already in place. For the beta, we want to have feature parity with LWJGL 2, which at the time of writing this means adding support for OpenGL|ES (and EGL of course), as well some of the most popular vendor-specific OpenGL extensions currently missing.

With that said, feel free to download a nightly build and do some testing, or even start porting your applications. We're very confident that you'll love the new feel and power of LWJGL 3, the robust new windowing system and, our favorite feature, the amazing productivity boost from the built-in documentation! Initial feedback has been extremely positive and quite a few developers are using it already!

We also have a new logo, that symbolizes the project's fresh start. We wanted a modern, yet familiar design, something that stays close in concept to the legacy logo. So, here it is:

LWJGL 3 Logo

Love it? Hate it? Let us know on the forum!

The roadmap ahead is pretty straightforward. But like all open source projects, the bottleneck is the availability of contributors, their day jobs and other obligations, that keep the project from getting there sooner, rather than later. If you'd like to help, the codebase is mature enough and you can jump right in. Go through the wiki and don't hesitate to ask for help. We'd love to receive a contribution from you!

Until next time!